Thursday, June 26, 2008

Recognizing Signs of a Stroke

I've learned all sorts of life lessons this year, dealing with my ex-husband's death, my grandma's hospitalization and now my 32-year-old sister's stroke. Yes, these things happen to young people. My former mother-in-law suffered from one in her mid-thirties.

Sister should be okay, it just may take some time. I imagine the fact she's athletic will help in her recovery.

In a measure of public service, I'm sharing five signs of a stroke, thanks to the American Stroke Association's Give Me 5 for Stroke campaign:
  • Walk — Is balance off?
  • Talk — Is speech slurred or face droopy?
  • Reach — Is one side weak or numb?
  • See — Is vision all or partly lost?
  • Feel — Is headache severe?
These signs present? Call 9-1-1.