Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in Florence

Today's just another day in Italy. Highlights since I last logged on, when did I last log on?

My feet are starting to ache but want to take in as much as possible.

Had quite the adventure yesterday, hopped on the wrong bus from the hotel, thinking we were heading back to the Florence train station, well, it was going to the train station, just at the end of the 70 minute run. Grabbed an hour and 15 minute train to Pisa to see the tower. Got there around 8 p.m., wandered around until we found it. Long story short, made it back to the hotel around 11 p.m.

Today, touring Florence all day with the Original Walking Tours of Florence - three tours, excellent! Saw the highlights and have a better understanding of the Italian Renaissance. Met an FSU alum on the first tour and a Calif. guy named Vince who traced his family to Rome and visited relatives prior to Florence.

Saverio will meet us at the Rome train station tomorrow, will be good to see him. Will try and pack in as much as we can.

Although I already know it, there's no such thing as getting lost while traveling, it's all about the adventure, journey and experience. I'm not a sightseer but a traveler.

As for dinner tonight, steak, pasta and a bottle of good wine. Ciao!