Sunday, November 04, 2007

Does Anyone Have a Chainsaw?

Just when I think I have my financial life under control, I looked at the joint boat account with the ex-husband this morning. Guess what? He missed another payment. For those unfamiliar, prior to getting married, he had me co-sign for the boat loan thinking he couldn't get it himself. Since I did the do-it-yourself-version of divorce (aka: I didn't consult an attorney because I didn't have any money; if I had to do it over, I'd get an attorney), he told me was going to refinance the boat and take my name off.

Why do I want my name off?
1. We're divorced!
2. I haven't been in the thing in about five years.
3. It shows as revolving debt I owe.

Three years after the divorce was finalized, my name is still on the d@mn thing and this is at least the second time he's missed a payment. It also means another ding against my credit. I know this is his way of controlling me and it sucks, I can't do anything about it except starting up my barrage of emails begging to get it refinanced and take my name off (I stopped contacting him for a while hoping he would do it but that didn't happen).

I've threatened to drive down to South Florida and get my half of it. Anyone have a chainsaw???