Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are You Left or Right Brained?

AOL has a cool article up today. It uses an optical illusion to determine whether you're left or right brain dominant. Give it a whirl here. According to this little test, I'm right brain dominant (creative).

I also found this quiz: Are You Left or Right Brained?, and I'm 55% right brained (creative) and 45% left brained (logical, analytical - well, that makes sense).

So, are you left or right?

Who Does He Think He His?

The trip to Italy is a month from now. I don't feel ready for the trip but usually don't for long hauls until I'm at the airport.

I had made arrangements for the Excavation Tour under St. Peter's Basilica with the Vatican in the morning of the only full day in Rome. Groovy, other than air, hotel and rail, this is the only thing confirmed for the trip, before today...

...received an email from the Vatican reading, " the Holy Father imposes the cap and the ring to the new Cardinal...For this motive, the visits of the necropolis are suspended."

WHAT??? NO!!! Who does the Pope think he his imposing on my plans? And how does one impose a cap and ring on a Cardinal? Maybe I'll be able to crash the festivities. Oh dear, what does one wear to crash such an event?

This just goes hand-in-hand with the type of week I've had. But, it's okay. They can fit us in on an afternoon tour. Just means the day will revolve around the Pope...