Friday, August 10, 2007

Cool Web site of the Week: Sprint's

The folks over at Sprint realize how precious your time is. They recently dropped customers for complaining too much (See??? They realized some customers were wasting their time by complaining so Sprint cut them loose).

Now, they've created a Web site called to help you maximize time in your busy life. Video tips, called "Sprintcuts," include peeling a hard boiled egg (which will help me in the morning), parking (this is my fav - but imagine it's a "do not attempt this at home" clip) and removing a t-shirt (I played this five times already). Each video clip lets you know the "time rebate" you get back when practicing the tip. And, you can submit your own time saving tip. If you need to gain some time in your busy day, and want to amaze your friends, visit

Do You Swiki?

Just when I was getting a hang of wikis (I still haven't grasped the concept of building one from ground up and I don't mean making a post on Wikipedia), I learn about a swiki (almost sounds like computer lingo for sealed with ye kiss, anyway...) - a cross between a search engine and Wikipedia (users can contribute, edit and delete content). It looks like a bunch of Google ads with URL listings, is it legit or a splog (spam blog)???

My Google Alerts notified me that this blog is listed as a resource in the South Georgia swiki. Hmmm, may give me an idea to find another niche but most importantly, to focus on my niche sites (yes, more niche sites are yet to come).