Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where in the World is Farris?

No, not Ferris Bueller but Farris Hassan, the young adult with an insatiable hunger to see the world and make it better. Remember a few years ago when he ended up in Iraq?

According to USA Today's On Deadline, Hassan recently called home to tell his mother he was on his way to Afghanistan with a group. I wonder if he traveled with Global Exchange, the group I traveled with? He should be home (South Florida) by now, can't wait to read his impressions and see his photos (I assume he'll post images). He has a pretty thorough plan outlining enriching Afghanistan's educational system and references Afghans4Tomorrow, the group I met with. Check out his site, read about his 2006 research project and be inspired. If only I were younger...

Avoidance Issues

Argh! I have avoidance writing issues - so much to write yet haven't written anything constructive lately. Suppose I can tell you I'm happy Dick won HOH on Big Brother 8 tonight, especially since Jen had nominated him for eviction. She is STILL annoying. Was sad to see Joe get evicted.

Eric is America's player - another twist in the game. He basically has various tasks to accomplished as directed by the American people. I'm sure he was chosen because he told producers when he auditioned for the gig he's seen every season of BB and studied. Perhaps a bad move. If you're not a Big Brother junkie like me, get caught up here:

Who should Dick put on the eviction block? Me thinks Amber for being such a cry baby; Jen for being a self-centered drama queen or Kail for referring to Dick as "Evil."

Anywho...enough about train wreck reality television...My friend Kathy will be visiting for the weekend. Should be fun. She's the one I visited the spiritualist camp with.

Oh! But the most exciting thing about this week is that I THINK I found an occasion to wear my tiara again - the office photo shoot...