Sunday, April 29, 2007

Are You Visiting a National Park This Summer?

There's been some discussion lately over declining visitation in national parks and attributing it to increases in gate fees. Check out this story last week in the USA Today.

Having spent 10 years within the parks, it's a shame seeing a family balk at the $80 annual pass to visit ALL the U.S. National Parks in a year when they think nothing of dropping $60+ per person for theme park admission.

When are people going to wake up and appreciate the national park system? Or, are people making a non-verbal statement and actually protecting the park by not visiting? Maybe it's just people are too busy to care.

In either case, I can't resist plugging my Safety Tips for Visiting National Parks article. Now go take a hike!

Lipstick or Sweat?

It feels like it's been AGES since I posted about ME (ok, maybe less than a week). Not much is going on really.

Maybe it's me, but the weeks seem to be flying by, especially the weekends. Where does time go?

After the gym today, I did a little grocery shopping and for the first time (at least that I can remember), I got hit on! Now, I'm in my workout wear - a t-shirt and sweats, had my hair pulled back with a skinny Hilary Clinton headband and had to be all shiny with sweat. I did smear on some lipstick before going in, but wonder, was it the glistening skin or red lips? Or maybe it's the fact I was shopping for food which demonstrates I can cook.

While I ponder, here's a fun little quiz for ya'll. It's called the Yankee/Dixie Quiz. You won't be graded, but it would be fun to know some scores. To start, I'm 49% Yankee and I'm not sure what the rest of me is. I find it ironic, though. My Mom turned up being 44% Yankee and she hasn't lived in the South.