Thursday, March 29, 2007

AC Experiement: What's Exclusive Content Worth?

When I first started contributing to Associated Content there was uncertainty whether exclusive content paid more than non-exclusive. I submitted this article as non-exclusive (after all, it was an awesome experience).

I was disappointed with the single-digit offer and the Content Manager left a comment they were "unable to make a higher offer" because it was submitted as non-exclusive. Being somewhat of a newbie, I accepted the original offer hoping someday I can rework and submit it elsewhere. Plus, I wondered what a difference in exclusive and non-exclusive would be. $2? $5? $10???

Would submitting a piece of work as exclusive and giving up all rights to it be worth the difference in the money? Every now and then I submit exclusive content, if I know I REALLY won't be using the info.

Now, I don't like discussing money matters, it's just not appropriate, however, I did a bit of an experiment. I recently submitted an article as exclusive and was given a single digit offer. It seemed low. I rejected the offer and resubmitted it as non-exclusive.

Today I got my offer. It was $2.38 LESS than the exclusive offer. I realize LESS is not a good thing but my integrity is worth more than $2.38! [It may be worth $5, but definitely not $2.38.] When possible, I'll continue to submit non-exclusive content, at least I keep the rights and can use the content again.

What's making me money right now? Blogsvertise. Despite everyone thinking I'm in a 12-step program, blogsvertise is the "sponsor" I refer to in some of my posts. BTW, if you're in New York next month, drop by and see the blogsvertise folks during the Search Engine Strategies 2007 Conference & Expo(SES NYC) in booth #2016, April 10 - 13, 2007. The booth next to them is giving away a fancy, schmancy car. SES NYC is at the Hilton in Midtown and should be hot...