Friday, March 09, 2007

Look Who Wants to Dance With Me!

When I first moved to Tallahassee, I wrote a "things to do" piece for one of the local publications and in my bio I included, I'd "like to dance with the Governor." At the time I was referring to Jeb. It's true, although I bleed blue ("Blue State") I'm a Jeb fan.

In today's mail I received an invitation reading, "Governor Charlie Crist requests the pleasure of your company at the Governor's Symphony Soiree." Oooo! Not only a dance but a "soiree." The event is Wednesday, April 4 at the Florida Governor's Mansion. And I can do this for $100!!! Since I don't have a thing to wear, I'll be passing on the event. Sorry, Charlie. You'll have to save a dance for me another time.