Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday with a Screech and a Flag

Went to the movies today to see "Flags of Our Fathers." The author of the book with the same title, James Bradley, will be in Tallahassee next month, part of the area's Seven Days of Opening Nights. I plan to attend his event and since I probably won't be able to read the book by then, the movie would give me an idea about it. Also thought it would make an interesting story.

The movie was excellent, although it was a little difficult to follow between the shots of "today" to "then." It gave me a new perspective to the concept of a "hero." Go see it (and bring your tissues).

Before the flick started, I thought I saw something run up the aisle. "Naw, can't be anything," I thought. Must have been the way I turned my head and my hair got in my site. Couple minutes later, another dark shadow ran down the aisle. "Okay, mind is playing tricks."

Just to be safe, I lifted my feet and sat motionless. Eventually, a little brown mouse appeared from under the row of seats in front of me, sniffing around for lunch. I tensed up and was a little freaked. It wandered over to the next row, swiftly sniffing back and forth from under the seats to the open space.

I went out and told the ticket-taking gal there was a mouse in there. She replied, "Yeah, that's what they do."

Seoul Searching

There are so many places left in the world I want to experience: Murfreesboro, AR (the Craters of Diamonds State Park) Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; China; Libya; India; South Korea; Thailand and Vietnam are at the top of my list. For some reason, I didn't jump on an opportunity with the Portland tourism bureau - didn't even submit a resume. It would have been perfect for me, almost. But the idea of packing and moving is dreadful, considering the boxes of things I've accumulated during my adult life. I need someone to help me get savvy with eBay.

Another opportunity has come along, teaching English in South Korea. Don't worry, after seriously considering it, I've decided, "no." Someday I'll get there, and to the other places I want to visit, too. Someday.