Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh! Memories of High School

I love interactive websites. This one reminded me of high school - hitting a fellow students car while trying to park the monster Suburban. I was so scared as to how much trouble I would be in. My Mom was in Florida, my Dad was coaching a football game and I was suppose to pick my brother up (I think it was homecoming weekend). I barely did damage to the "cruck," it was a Suburban, but really did a number on the Toyota Corolla.

But, I've come a long way, only having one accident since high school (alright, I realize NO accidents would be better). It took my four tries to get this one right, enjoy!

"You Should Visit..." Yes, More Shameless Self-Promotion

Switching gears from yesterday's post, I'm focusing on something I'm good at. Writing.

The recent AC promotion is to write travel articles about "Why You Should Visit..." Having until Saturday, I've only completed TWO pieces. Since I like money, I hope to crank out three more by the deadline.

In the meantime, if you're looking for places to visit in Florida, consider either Sarasota, for the bicycling Amish or Homestead, to slurp a tart key lime shake at Robert is Here. You'll have to read the stories for the other reasons to visit :)