Monday, September 25, 2006

Finding a Good Man

Earlier this summer on my modest Tallahassee blog, I had posted about the film production company called Double Vision and the film they were shooting in the area. Well, here you can see a trailer of the flick called "Finding a Good Man." My friend Brenda plays the mother, asking Tony if he's a gang-banger (towards the end).

Ironically, this was sent to me after coming to terms that a good man is myth. As women, we're told not to lower our standards and the "one" is waiting. We believe that somewhere out there, someone will appreciate and love us for who we are. But I wonder, how long do we keep searching and waiting before giving up? We keep hoping, but at what stage do we see the reality and realize there isn't a Mr. Right for us? Or, not even a Mr. Wrong? Our society teaches us that love is a right. But maybe it's a privilege.