Thursday, June 15, 2006

I've GOT to Stop Surfing

Each time I log onto the Internet, I do so with the intention of conducting research for articles and troll the web for market leads. But, the things called IMs and MySpace end up distracting me and before I know it, it's 11 o'clock.

Tonight I found a cool site, "Draw My Tee." An online collaboration to create a t-shirt with designs from artists throughout the world. Very clever and ingenious way to bring creative spirits together. Wish I was still graphically inclined to contribute.

As for MySpace, well, let's just say I'm building "content" for a story.

What to Ask a Man from Outer Space?

I actually won't be meeting a man from outer space, but will be meeting an astronaut who's BEEN to space next week on a trip to Florida's Space Coast and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (I even have a spot reserved for the July 1 shuttle launch - I'm so excited!! Yup, I'm SUCH a GEEK!)

And what do I ask a person who's been to space? Do I ask:
What's it like sleeping in zero gravity?
How do you go to the bathroom?
Is there wi-fi Internet access?

I briefly met Buzz Aldrin at a book signing many moons ago (pun intended). He said his trip to space was indescribable and he'd like to gather everyone who's made the journey to compare notes. Wonder if that ever happened?

Not sure which astronaut I'll be meeting, but if you have any thoughts on any questions to ask, drop me a line!