Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On the Road, Again

Although I'm really enjoying exploring the Big Bend Area of Florida, it seems as though my summer is about over with my upcoming travels to:
  • New York City - Fleet Week - what do sailors say???
  • Sarasota
  • Orlando & West Palm Beach (for work; I get to spend a full day at Discovery Cove - how cool is that!)
  • July 1 (hopefully) - Space Shuttle Launch
  • Miami, Jacksonville & Atlanta
  • Boston and then Boston (these visits, I'm not driving!)

There are more travels in the fall, but that seems sooooo far away. But, I will let you know that in December, I'm heading out to Fort Worth to the Wildcatter Ranch. Any city slickers interested in joining me? Giddy up!

It's There, Use It

My broadband Internet service was knocked out on Sunday and I NEEDED to get online (No, I didn't need my wired fix, I was helping a friend with a school paper). For some reason, after downloading something from Yahoo!, I can't seem to access AOL on my laptop so I dug out my OLD, bulky laptop. Man, that thing is heavy!

I came across files of a project I had worked on for a friend (well, friend is being used loosely). And seeing these files released emotions, reminding me of all my time wasted and lost. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I got pissed. I got angry at myself for believing in someone else. Believing the goods he sold me.(Well, maybe this is different from feeling sorry for myself).

I took advantage of technology and hit the delete button with glee. It wasn't with satisfaction, just glee. Because I don't think I will ever be at peace with myself. I don't know how I will be able to trust anyone again to let my guard down.

Yeah, there's more, but since I know my parents read this and I don't want to embarrass them (LOL!), I'll leave it at this:

Lessons learned:
  • ONLY believe in myself because it's foolish to believe others.
  • Hope is for suckers.