Sunday, December 18, 2005

The King and Not I

I don't think I'm alone when I say how creepy and scary the recent Burger King television ad campaign is. The King is spooky enough - but to have him peek his head into bedrooms, well, it's just a bit disturbing.

Maybe it's me. I'm terrified of unshaded windows which stems from a family incident when I was a kid. One summer night my Mom discovered a peeping Tom and since then, I've had window issues (note: wonder if there is a specific term for this phobia?)

Or, maybe I'm frightened of the King because I'm a product of 1980s scary movies staring Freddy Kruger, Jason and later, Chuckie. These characters all have masks with little to no facial expressions. I see a parallel to the King. His head is plastic, including his hair and crown, and wears an overly broad smile that is just bizarre.

I spent a couple of years after high school working at a Burger King - making burgers and everything associated with working at a 24-hour BK. When the "Big Fish" sandwich was introduced as a new product, I drew and wrote up a commercial (it did NOT include any spooky characters) . I showed it to my boss, with hopes that he would send it to the corporate office and I would be whisked away to work in the corporation's marketing department. Instead, I got a, "that's nice." And that was it.

I would link to a picture of the King (for those of you who don't know what he looks like) but I couldn't' find it on the Burger King website. Maybe they agree he's overly creepy, too.