Saturday, July 16, 2005

Blue in Tallahassee? Unheard of!

Stick or Insect?
Stick or Insect?,
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Sports fans know that the two major Florida colleges are rivals: Florida State University(Tallahassee; colors: garnet and gold) and University of Florida (Gainesville; colors: blue and orange). That being understood, one knows that blue is not a popular color here in Tallahassee...

I went blueberry picking today - it was very cool! Well, it was actually very hot, but I'm so glad I went out and did this. Drove about 20 miles outside of town to a little blueberry farm. It's an honor system where the farmer has one-gallon buckets and bags available for picking. When done, you drop your money in a wooden bird house. At $8 per gallon, I couldn't go wrong!

I'm now faced with the dilemma of what to do with two gallons of blueberries. I had fantasies of making jam but that's not going to happen until my first paycheck. My friend ZeldaMae suggested blueberry pancakes or muffins. Pancakes I can handle, through them in the Bisquick mix. But muffins, that's a little too adventurous for me right now.

I am freezing them (yes, I know to freeze them on a pan then into a bag) for the day I get my canning supplies. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas????

Separated in the Creative Department

I don't know what prompted me to think of this but out of the blue one day, I decided that the logo for Hardee's Restaurant is very similar to the US Army logo. Granted, the Army logo doesn't have a smiling face and a star is a star is a star. Despite this, I'm convinced it's some sort of intentional coincidence - the US Army recruiters conspired with Hardee's marketing executives to create similar logos. Then, children growing up and eating at Hardee's will subliminally make the connection with the military when they grow older and be drawn to serve. Take a look at the logos by following the links:

US Army