Am I Unreliable?

No, just over-extended. As usual, my 'in-box' is full, quite full. I'm embarrassed that I've hardly had time to reply to emails, Facebook emails/notifications and Twitter since the weekend. I have loads of photos to upload on Flickr, need to write8 articles by the end of August with two of those August weekends consumed with business conferences, need to keep up with blogging for the client and really, really need to get off the ground. Was hoping to hold a launch party in conjunction with the release of To Japan with Love: A Travel Guide for the Connoisseur (To Asia with Love) because I have at least two stories in it, but, the release date continues to be pushed back. Amazon is saying it's available Aug. 1. We'll see but if that's the case, I should've received my advanced copies by now.

Happy news, I'm heading to the BlogHer conference in Chicago this weekend, read about some of the celebs who'll be in attendance in 'Tide, Nikon Bringing Big Names to BlogHer '09.' Sunday is the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX), a room full of the who's-who of travel bloggers. Can't wait!

I'll be live tweeting for both events so stay tuned (@jenniferhuber). And, thanks to some Facebook friends, I have some pretty cool questions to ask Mr. Tim Gunn. No, I didn't win the personal style consultation with him but I'm usually pretty good at working my way to the front of something and should be able to get within ear-shot and ask him a question or two.

Back to reliability. I'll tell ya what's unreliable, the apartment I'm paying nearly a grand a month to live in. Now the air conditioning is out. *sigh* At least I'll be in cooler elements but hope the fur children don't roast too much and hope the complex will actually fix it while I'm gone.

Gotta run. It's after 10 p.m. and I still have packing to do. Flight's at 7:30 a.m. which means, need to leave home by 5 a.m. Maybe I'll get 3 hours of sleep tonight.


Anonymous said…
Yes - definitely overextended ! Take a step back- reassess your priorities. Being overextended WILL give the impression you may be unreliable since not everyone knows what your situation is- only what they perceive it to be.Sounds like you have taken on TOO much for now. What's the point in that???? You need to take care of yourself - mentally and physically.
PS. hold back some rent till the AC and other issues in the apt. are fixed!!