Finding Vintage Cool Stuff on Etsy: Sunshine City Lassie

I discovered Etsy last December through Sarasota's Atomic Holiday Bazaar. I wasn't able to attend the groovy, kitsch event but all of the vendors were listed on the event Web site. I browsed each vendor and found most of them have virtual stores on Etsy.

I discovered my fave artist from the event, Amy with Sunshine City Lassie. I fell in love with a pair of earrings she crafted but since money was very tight then, I didn't make the purchase.

Not sure what prompted me last weekend, perhaps it was because I've done OK with my writing this year and had some extra dollars burning in my PayPal account. I was on the quest for something bright, cheery and vintage.

I returned to the Sunshine City Lassie Etsy page and when I read the word "kitsch" in the description for the bracelet, I knew I had to grab it!

Wow! Was I surprised when my package arrived today. Not only was the fab bracelet included but so were a pair of kitsch heart-shaped earrings, lovely note cards perfectly tied and Amy's fun business card (photo above). Her contact details are on a mailing label stuck to a playing card. And, she's stamped her blog address,, on a paint sample chip. How clever is Miss Amy?

I'm definitely going to be checking in periodically with the Sunshine City Lassie to see what's new. And if you're into vintage, kitsch jewelry, go check her out.

Sunshine City Lassie Blog
Sunshine City Lassie on Etsy


Wow! I'm flattered! And I'm glad you liked everything. I try to send extra goodies to those who support my business. Thanks so much for your awesome blog post. I'll have to link to it from my blog. Cheers! ~Amy
Visit my blog and scroll down about three posts!

Thanks again!

jhuber7672 said…
Hi Amy! You rock! I'll keep checking back to see what's new :)