Clean-Out-the-Fridge-Before-I-Hit-the-Road Pizza

Clean-Out-the-Fridge-Before-I-Hit-the-Road Pizza
I'm about to the hit the road next week and with the exception of a few appearances at home so my cat Sunny doesn't hate me, I'll be gone through mid-October. In order to prepare, I started cleaning out my refrigerator this weekend and decided to make a "clean-out-the-Fridge-Before-I-Hit-the-Road" pizza.

My previous blog post was a recipe for Lemon Basil Cheese Pizza so you know I'm a pizza fan. This time, I opted to make something heartier using up most of my veggies but the secret was the sauce - barbecue.

When I worked in Yellowstone I remember a pizza place opened in the gateway community of Gardiner, Mont., and they served a delicious chicken pizza with black beans, onions and barbecue sauce so I didn't think topping my pizza with it would be any different.

Here's what I put on my Clean-Out-the-Fridge-Before-I-Hit-the-Road Pizza:
Chicken (from a chicken I roasted in the crock pot earlier in the week)
Green Pepper
Portobello Mushrooms
Mozzarella Cheese

I made the pizza dough in my bread maker and sauteed the veggies in olive oil. I spread the barbecue sauce on the dough, topped with veggies, chicken and shredded mozzarella cheese.

I baked it on a pizza stone at 425 for about 18 minutes when the crust and cheese were brown.

I realize pizza defeats my sweat and tears invested in working out to Shaun T's Insanity Workout - despite my eating habits, I'm seeing results, albeit small, and I'm 100 percent stronger - but I reasoned as long as I made the pizza dough, that kicks it up a notch on the healthy scale, right?

What do you top your pizza with?

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