Busy, Busy, Busy as a Bee

Sorry I haven't had much to say over here lately, or over on www.SoloTravelGirl.com, life is moving at 1,000 mph and I'm catching what I can. I do wish there was a way to tap my brain with some kind of USB cable and download my thoughts while I sleep into a blog post. There's so much up there waiting to be shared.

In due time, you'll be reading more either here or there.

Guess I can share yesterday was a good mail day, received a $5 survey check, $4.98 rebate check from Bissell Stomp 'n Go Pads (they work okay, especially for kitty throw up; I'm buying another pack), coupon for a free Tai Pei entree and couple of photos on Canvas via Canvas People. See, I'm trying to spend my money smarter and I found these deals via Freebies4Mom.com and Time2SaveWorkshops.com.Check 'em out.

I also saved more than $12 on groceries today with things I needed. I didn't save 90 percent on my bill but every bit helps.