Justin Bieber: Now I Understand

Up until Friday night I didn't understand the fascination with musical artist Justin Bieber. Yeah, he seemed like just another pretty face fans who cranked out danceable tunes and enamored fans across the globe. Having been told Bieber's "Never Say Never"movie is a great marketing flick, I rented it and...

OMG - I'm in love with Justin Bieber! Seriously, I can't believe I just admitted that. Wait! This is not in a creepy kind of way. That kid seems so genuine, fun, smart and plain adorable. I now understand why my mom is a Clay Aiken fan and an older friend is a big Justin Timberlake fan.

What impressed me watching "Never Say Never" was how the 17-year-old performer connects with his fans (free concert tickets, meet and greet, replying to Twitter messages, etc.) and how family seems important (staying with his grandparents when he played a concert in his hometown). He appears to enjoy entertaining while being grounded and grateful for what he's achieved.

He also never gave up on his dreams. Granted, he's only 17, signed a record deal when he was 15 after being discovered on YouTube. He has a whole life of dreams ahead of him.

Growing up in the 1980s, I adored Duran Duran and I wrote them fan letters with hopes of an autographed photo. Instead, I received a brochure with pricing levels for their fan club. Bieber appears to be different because he knows his fans put him where he is. Other bands, as Duran Duran, feel they were entitled to their success rather than appreciate who put them there.

Bieber is just refreshing. Seriously. Watch "Never Say Never."

So yeah, I'm officially coming out as a Justin Bieber fan. What are ya going to say about it?

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