"You Want Me to Do What?"

"You want me to do what?" I said to my fitness trainer tonight when he told me to lift my legs and touch my ears with my feet. Mind you, I was already on the floor resting comfortably on a mat after doing lunges, squats and rock climbers, among other sweat-pouring drills.

Fitness trainers are meant to push people's comfort zones and realize your potential. That's how you get fit. When I was asked to do what I thought was impossible, lift my legs and touch my ears with my feet, I thought he was crazy. Amazingly, I did it without breaking my neck.

So how is boot camp going? This started week 4 and so far, so good. Each workout has been getting progressively difficult and each day is different. Last Thursday my thighs hurt so bad from Tuesday's and Thursday's workouts, I limped around as if I had a real injury. It was the kind of pain when you walk down the stairs you feel as though your leg muscles are going to split because they feel so tight.

The sessions have been a mix of strength training, boxing, yoga and other activities I'm not sure what you call them. I can't remember sweating so much so quickly. Not even with roller derby, but I guess wearing a helmet soaks things up.

Have I lost weight? I think so. I've avoided the official scale but will have a weigh-in Thursday along with a check of my body mass index. Clothing is beginning to loosen and the other boot camp participants and the trainer said they could tell I've lost some.

I certainly hope so. I've been doing my best to stick to a high-protein, low carb diet eating 6 small meals a day including drinking Myoplex Light after workouts - which I quite like. I know my friends McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, and CiCi's Pizza miss me. I've been either bringing in my own meals or visiting Subway and Wendy's for my protein fix.

I've been doing so well I'm perplexed about Thursday. I have the day off and was considering a trip to Epcot for the Food & Wine Festival but worry I'll over do it. Sunday I may join a tour of a Fort Myers farmers market, one that is traditionally Hispanic. I'm learning to rethink what I put in my body, just hope I have the strength to resist temptation which is difficult for a foodie.