Three Tips for Marketing Your Blog on the Cheap

It takes money to make money and blog page views come from marketing, too. Following are three tips I've used for marketing your blog on the cheap

Business cards are inexpensive ways of sharing your contact information whether it's exchanging it with a new acquaintance, giving it to family and friends or posting it on a bulletin board at the gym.

With the holidays coming up, remind family and friends about your blog with customized greeting cards. I just had some printed up which include photos from this year's travels along with my blog address. Seem tacky? I certainly hope not! Best of all, you're hitting two birds with one stone, sending holiday greetings and marketing your blog.

Include your blog address in your email signature to keep it top of mind with friends and family. Let's be real, unless they're you're mother or father, most aren't checking your blog daily so a little friendly reminder it exists is a good thing.

There are several online printing sites and I've used Shutterfly and Vistaprint for greeting cards and the latter for business cards.

Just a reminder, order your holiday greeting cards sooner than later because the holidays will here and gone before we know it.