One Week of Boot Camp and I Haven't Puked

"You'll probably throw up."

Those were the words told to me by a male participant of the weight loss boot camp at my gym. Last Thursday was my first day attending and I was one class behind the others because business travel had me out of town for the initial class. A female participant had puked so it was only natural I, the newbie, would do the same.

"Good to know," I said.

Since then I've survived two other classes (three in total) and I have successfully held my lunch. Although, I admit to coming close.

How do I feel? Tonight my body feels tired. Like last Thursday, aches are beginning to settle in. It was upper body day where I had to punch the pads the trainer held. Boy, is that hard! Other activities were involved, too.

Leg day is on Tuesday. It was hard and I don't recall dripping sweat so much before but my legs really didn't hurt afterward. They felt stiff and heavy. Maybe it's roller derby training? Or maybe the protein shakes I've been consuming?

Mentally, I'm feeling great. For the past week I've been on the program's nutritional plan, too. It was hard the first couple of days. I enjoy cooking and enjoy eating so being regulated six small meals a day which consist of three of this, four of that and a teaspoon of something else has taken some getting used to.

Honestly, I think my stomach has shrunk because an apple with a teaspoon of natural peanut butter is filling. I still have headaches but they are waning and I don't have cravings for tasty food.

If scales at my doctor's office and the gym are accurate, I'm excited about the weight loss after the first five days. If they're not, well, I'll find out tomorrow how much I've lost in the past week.

Stay tuned for progress!