'Quirky Girl' the Song to be Released June 15, 2010, by Lady & the BASS

Had no idea in 2005 when I started this "Quirky-Kitsch Girl" blog I was at the beginning of the "Quirky Girl Movement." Apparently, "Quirky Girls" are women who aren't actively seeking Prince Charming (although it'd be nice if he knocked on the door or if Mr. Right Now turned up), at ease being alone (which is why I say 'I'm traveling alone, not lonely'), achieving new goals, and fearless.

Apparently, I'm the definition of a "Quirky Girl" and an Italy-based musical group, Lady & the BASS, has composed a song to accompany the "Quirky Girl Movement."

Have I just been validated? Or a fad of pop culture? The song "Quirky Girl" is being released June 15 by Groove N Moove Records and will be available through various digital music stores, such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Napster. Give a listen here, it's quite groovy.

Image Source: Lady & the BASS

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