Celebrity Sighting: 'Pawn Stars' in Port Charlotte, Fla.

I've never been in a pawn shop before, now I have one more thing to tick off the bucket list. I spent a bit of my evening at Westchester Gold and Diamonds in Port Charlotte. No, I haven't fallen on financial hardship, I was meeting a couple of reality television celebrities from History Channel's Pawn Stars. Austin "Chumlee" Russell (pictured) and Rick "The Spotter" Harrison were on hand tonight and will be there Saturday. You can check out my article, "History Channel's 'Pawn Stars' Meet Fans in Port Charlotte, Fla.", for deets.

I confess I didn't know who they were but I'm always up for some celebrity spotting. The best part was meeting the show's publicist. She looked familiar and it clicked (after she told me), she appeared on an episode of "How Do I Look?", the one when the Chippendales requested the make over. I peppered her with questions but a burning one I always wondered was, "Do they really make you throw away all of your clothes?"


But she said the quality was much better. She also has ties to Charlotte County. Great chatting with her and an overall cool evening.

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