Take Me Out to the Ballpark...Again

Today was my third Tampa Bay Rays Spring Training game this week. I'm not a big baseball fan, just worked out that way. Although, have to admit I'm enjoying the Spring Training energy.

Tuesday night was Rays vs. Boston Red Sox. I purchased the tickets the day they went on sale because:

1. I wanted to go to a game this season.
2. Figured if I couldn't go or find someone to go with me, I could sell the tickets because it would be a sell out game.

Wednesday I sat in the County's box along with a magazine travel editor so that was for business. Which was the day Sean Rodriguez made an amazing catch in the outfield.

Today I went because my vet gave me two tickets yesterday. I've dropped a lot of money in that office so took them. Ended up going alone (it's March Madness) which allowed me to try out my Nikon 5000 some more. Check out some of the results over on Flickr.