Yes, Dad. You Made the Blog

"Am I going to make the blog?" my father asked yesterday.

Does my family feel left out when they're not included in my blog posts? Or do they cringe with anticipation as to what family secrets I'll expose? [Note: as far as I know, there aren't *many* family secrets.]

My dad was admitted into the hospital on Monday for your typical "not feeling well situation" which lead to the doctor keeping him overnight due to family history and his age. Tests followed.

When I spoke with him yesterday he was *just* going to have a stent implanted. (Is "implanted" the right terminology?) No worries. Just about everyone has one these days, including his big brother, and it's a pretty routine medical procedure.

This afternoon, the stent procedure turned into single bypass surgery. Guess he's trying to do one better than his big brother and rather than a stent, will come out with a badge of honor of a new scar on his chest.

When I spoke to my sister this evening she said all went well. I'm feeling somewhat out of the loop being down here in Florida and the rest of the family in New York. Feeling somewhat helpless. My Mom sent updates via her iPhone - thank you 21st century technology.

I feel I have an obligation to post SOMETHING on here about his hospital visit so this is it.

Hope you read this soon, Dad!