November Life Stream Update: Not Much

What have I been up to? "This and that" I like to say. That's because I really can't pinpoint what I've been doing lately other than being a slug. *sigh*

It's that time of year - the holidays. I should have been at roller derby practice tonight but wasn't feeling up to it. Not sure if it was because I ate some bad sushi or just the desire to hole up and hide away from the world.

This is the time of year when I'm reminded of singleton status and constantly wonder what's wrong with me. I wonder why I attract guys who...well, suppose I shouldn't proceed with what I'm really thinking. Not sure why this bothers me so much or perhaps, why I'm so deficient in this aspect of life. I seem to excel in everything else except relationships which seems to be the most important part of life.


I have decided to take all my wacky life experiences over the past few years and use it as "research" for a chick lit novel. Will I ever get it finished? I hope so. I found a useful outline to help me accomplish this, I just need to DO IT!

I also received a copy of German Level 1 from Rosetta Stone (FTC Disclosure - this was received as a gift from the Rosetta Stone representative as part of attending TBEX 09) and need to crack that open, too. Would like to hit Europe next year for the 40th birthday especially since 2009 was a year without international travel for me.

Next week company is coming and I need to make reservations for that - Orlando hotel, etc.

Suppose the biggest news is the leather sofa I purchased today. This was a big step for me as I wanted to buy a place first before having "adult" furniture. I'm still renting and the new piece of furniture will arrive sometime in December.

Just wrote a review of AXE Hair products over on my Tallahassee blog - check it out here. (FTC disclosure; received product as a gift from AXE rep).

For now, I'm in slug mode and it may take until Feb. 15, 2010, to snap out of it but for my sanity, (and for my readers) I hope not.

Since sleeping kitties seem to be a happy image, here's a snapshot of Sunny. He's getting big! And my disclaimer: although I joke about it, I'm not the crazy, single cat lady!