Unleashing Creativity with Bisque It in North Port, Florida

Although I should have been in bed Friday night I joined my friend Kathy at Bisque It Studio (14812Tamiami Trail, North Port; Tel: 941/423-5955) a paint your own pottery studio. They supply the raw ceramic items, paints, and paint brushes. For a small fee, visitors paint their masterpieces. It's not quite like paint-by-numbers but simple. The finished product is left to be baked in a kiln and picked up a few days later.

Friday night was "Ladies Night," which is offered every so often. Some gals brought food, wine and friends. I tagged along with Kathy and her friends and found a table in the corner sharing with another group of ladies.

The most difficult decision I had to make that night was WHAT to paint. There were generic items such as pitchers, bowls, and plates along with holiday items. Once my creativity was unleashed, I ended up painting two items and get to pick them up Tuesday.

Stay tuned for images of the final products!