I Don't Have Swine Flu, Really

Wearing a surgical mask so not to spread germs is all fine and good if there are germs to spread but for the one wearing it with breathing issues, it's no fun. I had the pleasure of this experience Friday when at 8:37 a.m. I secured the only appointment at the County health clinic for the day (9 a.m.) and upon arriving, since I was coughing, was instructed to don the unfashionable mask. There was also a sign indicating if patients have flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat) to put them on.

So I sat in the corner of the waiting room trying to breathe through the mask. Already hot from fever, breathing into the mask intensified my uncomfortableness but being a good patient, I suffered until the nurse pulled me in to take my vitals. We both agreed it was most likely a sinus infection that had taken over my head and making my life miserable. She allowed me to toss the mask - yay!

"I don't think you have the flu," the doctor told me.

I knew I didn't but since I was having problems breathing during the week and getting winded while walking up my stairs, thought it'd bring peace of mind.

I left with a Z-Pack and returned to the office although I wanted to head home and bed. I wanted to do that all week but had commitments to keep including a presentation last Thursday. Am I that important? Maybe.

Happy to report I can breathe, am not winded, and have regained my strength but the coughing has intensified and very annoying. As to other things in my life...

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