What's Shaking this Week? Derby Flick, Ken Burns National Park Documentary

I admit to being a slug towards my blogs lately, still trying to find my groove - how long does this take? I've also seriously looked at moving forward at writing a book. Know it won't be a best seller but perhaps some enjoyable chick-lit. Stay tuned to see if I can dedicate myself to the task.

Last night I attended a sneak peek of the roller derby movie Whip It directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Juno's Ellen Page. It was cute coming-of-age flick. Not a hardcore roller derby movie but decent, check out my review. Did receive a cool t-shirt - which is pictured.

Also, the much anticipated documentary by Ken Burns called The National Parks: America's Best Idea kicks off tonight on PBS. I received an advanced copy of the 12-hour documentary and have been watching it as much as possible throughout the weekend to review and tie to an upcoming article about camping in the national parks. Stay tuned.

A new post is up on SoloTravelGirl.com about Silver River State Park in Ocala, Florida. Check it out!


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