Tim Gunn & Tide Want to Know What My Style Will Be During BlogHer '09

I've never been more excited about attending a conference than I am about attending BlogHer '09, July 23 – 26, in Chicago. For three years I've attempted to attend but my work schedule and universe were never in synch until now. (Insert sound of angels singing here.)

With each update received from BlogHer Command Central (in the form of BlogHer Attendee News sent from Lori Luna) my excitement has grown and last week was the big daddy of them all (although, I'm pretty excited danah boyd will be presenting) Tim Gunn will be in attendance, brought to the conference by Tide (MY detergent – Tide Coldwater, to be exact). [Insert SCREAM here!]

You know who Mr. Gunn is, the suave, witty, fashion guru and consultant and star of "Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style" and "Project Runway." A lover of words, I adore Mr. Gunn's robust and vibrant vocabulary. (Makes me wonder, does he enjoy crossword puzzles and playing Scrabble? Would he play a round of Boggle with me?) He's the guy every single gal would love to have as a friend when she needs a bit o'fashion advice or a suit (or tux) to wear on her arm to a art exhibition opening.

And so Tim Gunn and Tide want to know what I'll be wearing at BlogHer (as well the other attendees). See, I have a chance of winning a private style consultation with Tim Gunn in the Tide & Bounce Laundry Lounge during the conference. And everyone who knows me knows I’m a bit fashionably challenged. I really wish Garanimals made apparel for gals like me. Come on fashion industry, make it easy!

So what am I wearing to BlogHer '09? Unfortunately, I won't know until the night before after my laundry duties are complete and packing begins. I'm initially thinking cute little skorts and colorful tops but a big part of me is thinking of bringing my punk and campy roller derby look to the BlogHer show floor (hence the photo). Hey, I'm Quirky Kitsch Girl for a reason ;)

Wonder what Mr. Gunn would say to fishnets and combat boots.