Yankee Tripper Debuting this Sunday!

I'm still finding my skating legs but it's time for me to take this roller derby gig to the next level - my first bout is Sunday. *gulp*

This is more of a scrimmage than an actual bout but it will be treated as the real deal for the spectators (yes, people will be PAYING to see me and other Bombshells skate). This is an inter-league bout, Red vs. Black - I'm red - and I'm skating against my teammates which I think is better.

Am I scared? Not necessarily scared but anxious. I've rationalized although I still don't understand 100 percent what's happening on the track, most spectators won't know the difference, just as long as it's a good show. If you're coming out to the bout, be forewarned I'll probably be falling...a lot.

I realize there's a concern of getting hurt but I'm a sturdy gal, do wear protective gear (helmet, mouth guard, wrist guard, elbow pads and knee pads) and don't think I can be in pain any more than I already do (my foot and ankle gets an ice-down each day and night; stupid ankle I broke in high school!). Also, this isn't the cheesy roller derby of the 70s and 80s. It's not the WWE on wheels. It's not *that* violent.

I'm also excited, extremely excited. This is what I've been practicing for (although I know I can use a bit more) and just need to do it. This may be the only bout I skate in for the rest of the season.

I realize this is more of a sport for the younger set but at this point, carpe diem!