Still Rocking and Rolling

I'm making a promise to myself to get properly launched by the end of June. Not sure how that's going to happen but I'll make it happen.

I've uploaded a handful of articles I've written related to tourism marketing, they can be viewed here.

So what's new? Loads! Am I going to share what's shakin' in my world? Um, briefly, it's almost 1:00 a.m. and I'm attending a conference so the day's going to start early so it's time for shuteye. I will say:
  • I officially made the roller derby team - it wasn't pretty but Coach gave me the okay. Yankee Tripper is ready to roll and that scenario deserves its own post.
  • I'm one of the speakers on a social media panel tomorrow (today) afternoon during the Florida Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus (follow the conversation via Twitter with #FACVB).
  • I'm heading to Denver for 4th of July weekend - whoo-hoo! Aunt Sandy & Phil Z, here I come! I'll also be able to catch up with LM, who was my mentor while working in sales with Amfac (now Xanterra). Looking forward to seeing mountains and breathing in cool, crisp mountain air. Hope there's time to visit Rocky Mountain National Park!
  • I'm sporting a new do. Don't think anything else like it has walked out of the Port Charlotte Town Center before (don't worry, it's not THAT dramatic) but dark with blond, chunky stripes in the front. I'm loving it now but have to do a double take in the mirror - is that REALLY me? Think the color complements my eyes and complexion better than the reddish color. When I get a decent photo of it, it'll be posted.
Overall, life is busy but good. I'm finally at a comfortable, complacent point where I've resolved issues which needed to be. I've decided it's time to move on and away from many things. I'm trying to stay more connected with my friends but a big step was putting away the Peter shrine. Yes, I had a mini-Peter shrine to remind myself daily of: how his death pulled me from near-bankruptcy, the importance of life, and better times. I'm not forgetting him or devaluating his life but embracing reality and remembering life is for the living.


Anonymous said…
You keep rockin and rollin, Jenn!
Glad your spirits are high.
Glad you get to see LM - give her a hug for me.
Now! Take a picture of yourself and your new "do" and post it!

Love you,
Matthew said…
Say hi to my mountains out in CO. Wish I could go too.