Just Don't Have it in Me

It's the same old, same old. I'm behind in getting articles written and blog posts. *sigh* Not sure why. I have no social life other than derby but for some reason haven't had the desire to write. Have I lost the blogging and writing passion?


Anonymous said…
Hope Not!! It's just writer's block.
Anonymous said…
Jenn, you just need a break. You try to do too much sometimes.

Sit back and enjoy doing nothing for a while.

Smell the roses, pet your cats.

I love you.

jhuber7672 said…
I do too much because I feel what I do isn't enough. Suppose I'm over compensating for areas lacking in my life for which I can't understand.
Anonymous said…
What you do is more than enough.
Quit making your life more complicated than it needs to be.

You are a wonderful and gifted lady and loved by many.

Chill out and re-group leisurely.

And I still love you!
jhuber7672 said…
Oh, okay, if you say so! :)

BTW - I need to figure out when I can get back out there for a visit.
Cordelia said…
I think its because you have a new hobby you like! Hobbies come and go. Maybe writing is fading and skating is in!
Anonymous said…
You are welcome "out here" anytime!

Have a good day, Lady.

Anonymous said…
I thought writing was more than a "hobby"? Perhaps you just need a break from it. Sounds like you have too many irons in the fire
cwac said…
When is the last time you had so many comments on a topic? Hmmm Curious!Enjoy the Rockies- clear your mind.
jhuber7672 said…
Yes, writing is more than a hobby, I make money from it and it's a passion. Perhaps it's being ignited a bit more from the weekend getaway. Stay tuned!