Hitting with My Best Shot

"You haven't updated your Facebook status!"

"Why haven't you been blogging?"

"You haven't tweeted!"

"Are you okay?"

These are comments and questions I've been receiving over the past few days because yes, I've been neglectful of my social media outlets. Primarily, it's because I've been busy, busy, busy. Last week there was a conference in Tampa in which I was an attendee and spoke at one of the sessions (on social media, what else?), journalist visiting for a day-and-a-half, trip to Sarasota to spend time with Zelda Mae since her hubby was in the hospital, roller derby practice (more on that in a bit), a couple date-nights (yup - you haven't heard that in a while) and blogging commitments.

So yeah, I haven't had time to charge up the computer and reply to emails, messages and blog. The iPhone helps with some but my idle time has been behind the wheel and we know texting and driving don't mix. Seems as though my life is evolving to a less-digital one, will I survive? Probably, humans have survived for a lot longer without it.

As for roller derby, I'm still enjoying the ride although last Sunday I was a bit nervous since it was my scrimmage debut meaning I could hit and be hit. It wasn't the fear of being hit that had me nervous and anxious but the fear of not truly understanding the game and what I was suppose to do. Basically I just skated to keep up with the pack and try to hit a girl or two.

Tonight was much better. Although the heat index was about 150% (I'm kidding, it wasn't that bad but pretty darn hot for outdoor exercise) I enjoyed the hitting and blocking skills learned tonight and felt somewhat better when we scrimmaged. I still have a lot to learn but with each practice, I'm learning and getting more comfortable.

As for taking the hits tonight, I've finally accepted I'm 39 and there are some things that 29-year-old can do and take as compared to a 39-year-old. The body just doesn't work and rebound the same. I had some awesome falls tonight and although I was able to bounce back up and skate, I know I'll be feeling it in the morning. Derby-induced bruises are fermenting and can't wait to see what they'll look like. Will really be disappointed if they don't out to be anything.

I'm a new roller derby girl and still have lots to learn now that I'm officially on the team. I'll get there. But the process in reaching the first derby level inspired me to write, "Ingredients for Making a Roller Derby Girl."

What's on the horizon?


The weekend will be spent "catching up," I need to write my monthly column and a press release for work, as well as get some articles written and posted for my commitments. June 20 is the Hibiscus Festival which includes a bike ride - think I'll be participating in that. Domestic duties including cleaning up the lanai from a kitten invasion are on tap, too.

Down the road:

I was the high-bidder on a silent auction package to Citrus County, Florida, which includes two nights lodging and scalloping trip. For about a year I've waited to go scallop collecting and now I can a really groovy price. Need to use it between July and mid-September.

A business trip to Orlando is planned for later in the month, not sure if I'll have time to do anything "fun" but there is the Orlando ICEBAR I'd like to check out.

Denver is still a go for the 4th of July weekend and sometime I need to use a gift certificate for a Sanford hotel.

I appreciate everyone's concerns and inquiries but rest assured, I'm doing and feeling groovy.


Anonymous said…
Yay! She's back.
Groove on, Roller Derby Girl.

Kevin said…
Heard about you winning the silent auction from Marla Chancey at the Citrus VCB! That's awesome!
If we don't catch up w/each other in Orlando (I'm sure we will, though) I'll def. see you in Citrus - I'm right there!