What I Did to Stimulate the Economy: May 7 - 10, 2009

How on earth can it be Sunday night? This was my first weekend off since Easter and while I didn't accomplish everything I wanted, I spent some much-needed friend time with various people. Rather than list the how I stimulated the economy the past few days, take my word that I did ranging from meals to paying bills.

Life with the new kitten is settling in but still not sure if I'm set on keeping him. He's been spending the evenings rocking and rolling and have no clue when he's sleeping (okay, I realize he's sleeping during the day). My arms and legs are also covered with little bits and scratches from him wanting to play. They're a nice complement with the bruises from derby practice.

I'm still looking for my blogging/writing groove, not sure where it went. Maybe I'll find it this week.