What I Did to Stimulate the Economy May 11 & 12, 2009

I'm grateful for having a job, however, I'm needing a little mental downtime. The weekend wasn't enough and my head is still swimming yet stuck in "stop" mode. Suppose I'll find my groove soon.

Derby practice tomorrow night, at least that's the plan, but afraid I'll have to skip it (again) to get work projects done. Have a Friday deadline for three projects and haven't started any! I'm a planner haven't had the time to get these things started. In my "other" life, I'm behind in invoicing.

Carrying out my patriotic duty I continued to stimulate the economy the past couple of days. On what, I couldn't tell ya, it's been a blur, so trust me. Anyone else stimulate the economy?

And speaking about keeping the economy flowing here's a recent blog post I wrote about National Travel and Tourism Week and the importance of booking a vacation to stimulating the economy.