Thirty-nine and Counting

I'm not in the mood for blogging but feel obligated to do so. I'm behind in writing content for clients and myself and wish there was some way to take a USB cord and download thoughts from my mind onto the laptop so I can spew out my thoughts. Twitter's there for that but only so much can be said in 140 characters. Also, there are some things that shouldn't be posted. (I realize some readers are finding it to believe I have a filter for what I post but I do.) I was planning on launching my new travel blog,, today but that will have to wait another day or two.

Today was my 39th birthday and Lindsey from the office gave me a Chia Obama! Remember, I blogged about wanting one for my birthday and someone was reading! And, Lindsey chose "Determined" Obama over "Happy" Obama, a much better choice. I've never owned a Chia before, nor a pet rock or the ever intriguing sea monkeys, so I'm extremely excited about watching this one grow.

My birthday dinner plans with Zelda Mae and Dennis fell through so rather than meeting up with them, Lindsey and I were chasing wild kittens outside the office. Can you see where this post is going? Yes, I'm well on my way of being the crazy (quirky) single cat lady. *sigh*

Walking into the pet store with the little orange ball of fuzz nuzzled into my neck I felt the challenges of being a mother. I had to coordinate the shopping cart, gathering supplies and holding him. More power to moms!

"Why?" you ask. I caved into the thought process that my current cat needs a friend. After bringing this little guy home, my instincts about her enjoying being the sole cat were pretty much confirmed. Not sure how things are going to go and I'm too tired to deal with two hissing, growling, fang-showing cats.

In one aspect, the day turned into what I expected. Birthdays are usually a let down when living single, a day where time doesn't pass quick enough and just want to get it over with just like Thanksgiving, Christmas and the dreaded Valentine's Day. On the other hand, it definitely ended much differently than anticipated.

What else is new? A case of swine flu has been confirmed in the county to the south of where I live, a car was stolen from my apartment complex parking lot last night and tomorrow is day 20. It's been a long haul but I can see a light waiting for me on May 9. I MAY be able to take this Sunday off, fingers crossed.

As for a roller derby update, that will have to wait until tomorrow.


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Happy Birthday