It's Not You, It's Me: I Need a Break

I really wish I had more time to get my other blog going and I know in time it will be on its way. I'm behind in articles for Suite101 and am devoting this week to catching up and getting at least two blog posts for To do so, I'm taking at least a week-long break from this blog to recollect my thoughts and reconnect the mind and fingers to write.

I'll still be making my posts over at the Resort Rentals International blog.

Here's the skinny on my roller derby world, things are going great (!!!) and I should be taking my skills test on Thursday. Keep those fingers crossed that I pass. The skills test is basically a set of simple skills such as single and double knee drops, a t-stop, skating on one skate, skating while squatting and...I think that's all. Pictured is the new skates I've acquired from a friend of a friend. Do you see the little skull and crossbones in the wheel well? Notice the pink laces? Oh, and aren't the socks cute, too?

As I learned when I took my driving test, I'm taking my skills test in my original skates and will break in these new ones once I make a team.

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Miami catching up with friends and family. Stayed with Miss Shep at the Marriott Biscayne Bay which had a fabulous view. Check out this photo. We also met up with Tom and Jody from the Everglades. Sunday was breakfast with aunt and uncle at the Gables Diner for Crab Cake Benedict to die for!

Today was a comp day and the entire morning was spent in the presence of medical people. Ugh. A simple exam to check out the female plumbing turned into a trip to the imaging center for an ultrasound. I'll learn in about a week or so if the foreign lump in me is an alien baby or a cyst. Honestly, I'm pulling for a 40-pound benign tumor. I'm sure all is fine.

I picked up the book Travel as a Political Actby Rick Steves and hope to read it over the next couple of weeks, too.

Don't worry, I'm not going away forever, I just need a break.


Henry said…
You are a very funny written. I enjoyed your blog very much :) Best of luck to you in the future!