900th Post - It's About Chia Obama

I'm really enjoying watching Determined Chia Obama grow. As you may recall, I received him as a birthday gift from LB last week. I've been tracking his progress each day over on Twitter via TwitPic. I'm up to day 6 and here are links to the images so you can check out his progress, too.

And happy 900th blog post to me! One thousandth post, here I come! I've also launched SoloTravelGirl.com. Not much is over there but figure everything needs a starting point so I'm just jumping in and building groovy content when possible. I plan to get into a regular posting schedule and will have an official launch later this summer, maybe I can coordinate it with the launch of To Japan with Love: A Travel Guide for the Connoisseur (To Asia with Love), I have at least a couple of stories in the book. Honestly though, I'm afraid with the current economic climate and how the project has been pushed back for three years that it's not going to happen. Fingers crossed!

Here are the six days of Chia Obama, enjoy!

Day 6 Chia Obama
Day 5 Chia Obama - End of Day
Day 5 Chia Obama - Beginning of the Day
Day 4 Chia Obama
Day 3 Chia Obama
Day 2 Chia Obama
Day 1 Chia Obama
Day 1 Chia Obama Soaking (no comment about this photo)

Get your own Determined Chia Obama


Matthew said…
Congratulations on the new site. I like the layout--and I'm sure you'll add some great content soon enough.

And Chia Obama is kinda freaking me out.