Zappos Makes Me Feel Like Dancing (Shoes)

I’m not trading in my roller skates for dance shoes, yet. Dancing with the Stars is so mainstream that my community will be holding its own Dancing with the Stars event tonight. And no, I won’t be one of the stars on the dance floor – I’ll be too busy chasing stars in Sarasota as part of the ‘Night of 1,000 Stars’ event with the Sarasota Film Festival and live tweeting about it (checkout the stream to the right).

I’ll be wearing my prettiest, yet most practical dance shoes so I can easily chase down celebs as Bill Paxton and Jon Voight and pull them onto the dance floor. I heard rumors Felicity Huffman will be in the house, too, but haven’t confirmed if the ‘Desperate Housewife’ will really be in town (she’s attended in the past with Mr. Huffman, aka: William H. Macy).

Speaking of shoes, my friends at Zappos offer a rockin’ selection of footwear for the dance floor, ranging from pretty pink ballet shoes to Latin heels for the sexy salsa. Zappos is pretty groovy and I learned about them before heading to Mexico last fall. A friend of the friend I was visiting asked I bring her a pair of Mexican dance shoes (flip flops). She ordered them online and had them delivered to my apartment without incident. Always nice to work with a company without incident.

Pictured: Footwear of actor Woody Harrelson and his daughter Deni during the film festival’s opening night event. I didn’t stick around to see it but rumor has these black Converse All Stars doubled as Harrelson’s dance shoes that night.


Anonymous said…
Don't Zappos - Do Wal-Mart!
I have seen many of the same looking shoes there. Stimulate the economy and spend the difference for a few tops and pants at Wal-Mart too! :-)

I hope you see lots of stars and enjoy yourself.