What I Did to Stimulate the Economy Today: April 17, 2009

Feel like TGI Friday's gave me the bait and switch today for lunch, luring me and friend in to take advantage of the new discounted menu only to be seated next to a screaming child who couldn't have been more than 8 months old (mind you, there were several empty tables and booths we could have been seated) and handed a menu where salads started at $9+. In my book, that's not affordable dining. So, we sipped our sodas, dropped five bucks on the table and left. I really don't think the $5 covered 2 sodas, the busser we inquired to about the price said she thought they were $2.49.

The manager ran after us asking if we were leaving because of the baby and my friend told her the reason - the menu selection, price and a lot going on in the restaurant. She replied that there were 2 special sandwiches at $5 and the new discounted menu will be coming out next month.

I feel deceived. Feel as though Friday's used television commercials to promote one product and upon arrival was being pitched something more expensive. Has this happened to you? A bait and switch? Lured into a business because of an advertised price but when ordering the cost is higher?

Anyway, I did stimulate the economy with:
  • Green Tea Frapp @ Starbucks
  • Soda @ TGI Friday's
  • Lunch @ Taco Bell
  • Balance of Web site Design (stay tuned!)
Anyone else carryout their patriotic duty to stimulate the economy?