What I Did to Stimulate the Economy Today: April 16, 2009

I really can't stand stupid people. I ran through the McDonald's drive-thru on the way back from derby practice tonight and the order rang up to $3.19. I thought I handed the cashier a $5 and 20 cents (I'm pretty sure I did). She hands me back a $1 bill and 92 cents.

"I'm sorry, I thought it was $3.19," I said.

"It was, you gave me 11 cents," was her reply.

I realize she was probably thinking, "I can't stand stupid people," but why didn't she just say, "Miss, you gave me $XX?" vs. counting out all that change? Geesh!

Keeping true to my dedication to get this country back on its feet, I stimulated the economy with:
  • Lunch @ the Food Court
  • Weekly Derby Dues
  • McDonald's for Late Night Dinner
Anyone else stimulate the economy today?


Matthew said…
I did my part by buying a used copy of the AP Handbook for $4. Haven't done much else in the last month. Maybe I'll stimulate the economy more when it provides me with a job.