What I Did to Stimulate the Economy Today: April 13, 2009

It's not even 10 p.m. and I'm very sleepy already. Probably from the sugar-high of today. Nearly 11 hours in the office, 4 (or 5?) peanut butter cups, M&Ms, and two Diet Dr. Peppers kept me content during my stress-eating binge. I really need to get that under control. My two days at the gym and roller skating out the window. *sigh* Next week I'm having a health risk assessment, new program with the County. Have to fast until 10 a.m one day (!!!!) for blood work. Others have to fast until 2 p.m. - glad it's not me. Maybe I can get some happy pills out of the deal. Not sure if I can handle this until May 9 (my foreseeable next full day off).

But thanks to my lack of stress control, I stimulated the economy today with:
  • Candy Run to Wal-Mart - was hoping for discounted Easter candy, like peanut butter eggs, but no luck, but others beat me to it. The Easter aisle looked as though we were getting ready for a hurricane, they were picked over with bare shelves.
  • Lost 50 cents in the Vending Machine - if it would've given me ONE Snicker's maybe I wouldn't have run to Wal-Mart.
And what did you do to stimulate the economy today?

Oh, I did start building content for my new travel site and ZeldaMae wants to hold a launch party. Was aiming for my 39th birthday for that but seeing I have to work that day and weekend, need to pick another date. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said…
I can not imagine why your job would be in jeopardy! Does anyone else work as hard as you do???