What I Did to Stimulate the Economy this Weekend: April 4 & 5

Yesterday was a long day and the weekend in Sarasota was full economic stimulus. More than I would've liked and here's a rundown:
  • Breakfast @ Sierra Station
  • Film "The Human Experience" @ the Sarasota Fringe Film Festival
  • Lunch @ the Waffle Stop (Elvis ate here in the day)
  • Trip to the Mall for Derby Attire
  • Film "Old Partner" @ the Sarasota Film Festival (Cherry Coke & Popcorn, too)
  • Breakfast @ Cafe du Monde
  • Roller Derby Dues
  • Lunch @ Cinco De Mayo
  • Protective Roller Derby Gear
And what did you do to stimulate the economy?

Photo: Fish tacos at Cinco De Mayo. My fave!