Making of a Roller Derby Girl: What Am I Going to Feel Like in the Morning?

Today was the first official roller derby practice. Admittedly, I'm in pain. And this is unusual because I usually don't feel pain when exercising until the next day so can't imagine what I'll be feeling in the morning. My ankles, calves, thighs and shoulders ache. What's left?

The only contact I encountered today was with the floor. Being my first practice, we (three other Bettys and I - newbies are called Betty's) learned and practiced the skater's skate, stopping (not with the toe) and falling and getting up. Falling was practiced on one knee, two knees, and two knees with hands. We're learning the basic skills and need to remember things as falling small, keeping hips loose, staying low, etc. Once a skills test is passed, I'll be able to practice with the other girls which will involve body contact.

How did I do? Okay. I'm glad I hit the skating rink yesterday to ensure I could still skate and find my balance. The skills are primarily physical but also part mental. I suspect when my body finds its roller derby groove, perhaps I won't have to think as much and it'll become second nature. It's a bit like belly dancing in aspect, keeping the body limber yet controlled.

The team's next practice is Wednesday but I won't be attending. It's outdoors and I don't have my own skates yet so I'll be back in the rink on Thursday night. Stay tuned!