I'm Going to be a Roller Girl! (At Least that's the Plan)

I'm soooo excited, I attended a practice of a 'local' roller derby team tonight to get a better feel of the game. I attended a bout or two while in Tallahassee last year and was inspired to join, but things happened, I moved. Something in the air moved me last night to find a team near me so I did. I strap on wheels Sunday so stay tuned!


keith said…
My oldest boy's girlfriend was a roller derby girl on a sloped track oval. She was also a pretty good roller hockey player.
I look forward to hearing your experiences.
Anonymous said…
NO comment!
Anonymous said…
My Dear Jenn:

You have always been a Roller Girl.
You "ROLL" with the punches.
Now you can do it for fun.
Be careful and DO HAVE FUN!

jhuber7672 said…
Thanks for the support, it's going to be interesting ride :)