What I Did to Stimulate the Economy Today: March 21, 2009

How can it be 11 o'clock already? I was planning on an early bedtime because my drive is about 3 hours tomorrow for ziplining. Ugh. Anyway, had a great time at the Florida International Air Show in Punta Gorda today but as usual, I'm going to keep you in suspense (don't give up on me, I will get caught up on documenting my adventures, thank goodness for Twitter - remember, follow me: @jenniferhuber). I have uploaded two photos from today, you can see them here.

What did I do to stimulate the economy? Well, more than intended:
  • Food and Water @ the Florida International Air Show (Parking and admission was free, job perk)
  • Top from Macy's (returned a pair of slacks that were damaged, they were even more on sale, so why not pick up a $10 shirt?)
  • Deposit to Designer for My New Site (I'm extremely excited about this new project!!!)
And what did you do to stimulate the economy today?